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Train with a semi pro skier

Tired Of Falling Behind? 
This Workout Miracle Creates The Strongest Skiers On The Mountain 

(Without spending 10 hours a week in the gym)

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The best ski workout

The secret to being a strong skier is having a strong body. Let's have you look better, ski better, and feel better by building the foundation of a body built for performance & longevity.

Peak Performance, Slopes to Strength: As Seen In Summit Daily!

6 Week Muscle Mastermind

The Muscle Mastermind is designed to be easy to follow and stick with, giving you a foundation for building functional muscle to look and feel like an athlete.

Look Better


Look Better

We'll meet at my gym Gnarly Fit on Airport Road to deep dive into the 6 Week Muscle Mastermind and see if it’s a good fit for you. If you can dedicate 2-3 days a week to workout with me you’re gonna start looking like an athlete in just 6 weeks.


Ski Better

Fitness is the cornerstone of progression as a skier. A conditioned body not only enhances performance but also minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing us to push boundaries and elevate our skillset with confidence.

Ski Better
Feel Better


Feel Better

Yes, it’s nice to have a body you’re proud of but fitness is ultimately about health. The Muscle Mastermind will get you feeling amazing, increasing your energy, sex drive, and a clear mind that’ll increase your performance at work without energy drinks or tons of caffeine.

I’ll also give you a nutrition guide and shopping list to make eating whole foods that build muscle incredibly simple for you.

What my clients are stoked about!

My approach to training is efficient, straight forward and fun! We focus on what actually gets you the results you want, in a sustainable way.

Train like a pro
Pretty good to pro
Mountain workout
Functional fitness
Strength training

I blend bodybuilding intensity with skiing passion for a transformative fitness experience. 

I have 5 spots open for in person training in Summit. Click the button below and grab a time on my Calendar!

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