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Francesca Fabio
Francesca Fabio


I am currently traveling the southwest in our camper van, so I think what better time to share some of my travel trips to practice.

Maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle can be challenging enough in our daily environment — throw in traveling, and now you’re really put to the test.

While on vacation, I 100% allow myself to indulge a little more than I might at home because #VACATION! I’ve learned the hard way to practice better balance so that I don’t go too crazy and feel sick the entire trip.

Even better, I no longer have to go through the unsustainable cycle of “regretting” my food choices and restricting myself when I return home!

These tips take PRACTICE, but when you love your daily routine at home bc it make you feel good and energized you’ll find a way to incorporate these habits on the road -- while still being able to enjoy yourself along the way.

  1. Stay hydrated!!! We can easily get dehydrated outside of our normal element and this is especially true if you are also drinking alcohol, so drinking enough water will help you stay energized & will also help you not overeat.

  2. Prioritize a high protein breakfast. While you should try to prioritize protein with each meal getting a big dose of protein in the morning will give you a good head start. Consuming a high protein diet will help balance your blood sugar, decrease cravings, preserve muscle, maintain energy levels, and keep you feeling full for longer!

  3. Get Movin!! Must I say more? You’re in a new place so get out and explore! You should most definitely be getting atleast 10-12k steps and getting to experience new places while you’re at it!

  4. Bonus tip- go check out a new gym. This is a great way to experience the gym culture in other part of the world and what better way to get the scoop on local spots! Most of the time if your friendly they’ll let you in for free😊

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