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I'm Eliz your Coach, and I'm ready to help you Level Up Your Fitness Game! 🏋️‍♀️ Join My Exclusive Training Program in Breck!


My Unique Approach Includes:

  • Personalized 1:1 Training

  • Group Workouts with a Supportive Community

  • Tailored Nutrition Plans for Hormonal Balance

  • Muscle Building, Fat Burning, and Injury Prevention

  • A State-of-the-Art Gym right here in beautiful Breck

Between getting her start training for the Olympics in cross-country skiing at age 7, and moving to the U.S. at age 13, Hungary native Eliz fell into a dark time of heavy partying and eating disorders. She has since turned her life around with her love for personal training and bodybuilding, devoting her time to helping others achieve physical, mental and spiritual health.


Between the age of 19 and 28, Eliz competed in 9 bodybuilding shows:

Bikini Division - NPC Natural Ohio 2014 - 7th place


Bikini Division - NPC Northcoast Championships 2014 - 4th place


Figure Division - NPC Eastcoast Championships 2014 - 4th place


Figure Division - NPC Northcoast Championships 2015 - 2nd place

Wellness Division - NPC West Coast Classic 2021 - 2nd place

Wellness Division - NPC Patriot's Challenge 2021 - Overall Champion + Figure Division - 2nd place

Wellness Division - The Tahoe Show 2021 - 1st place

Wellness Division - NPC Colorado Cup 2022 - 2nd Place

Wellness Divison - Legion Sports Fest 2022 - 2nd place



I'm an expert at pushing people past their limits, identifying bs excuses, and getting people results in their health and fitness.


My mission and obsession is simple:


teaching YOU how to make fitness part of your life, without it taking over your life. 


Are you ready for real results? 

When it comes to achieving your body and fitness goals, there’s nothing more crucial to your success then a program designed just for you. 


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Candy Cotton

"I never thought you could lose fat but maintain muscle mass at the same time (or at least I thought it'd be really difficult process) but with Eliz, it's been smooth sailing for me! This has been such a positive experience. I haven't felt beaten down or forced to do anything. Eliz is soo flexible to work with and I just love how she works with people. She's the best!"


"Working with Eliz has been nothing short of an amazing experience. She knows exactly what she’s doing and you can tell that she’s giving you her all. 


In three short months I was able to see incredible results both mentally and physically. If you want me to be honest with you I wasn’t able to do two push ups the first day of training.... now I can crank them out!! (Super proud of myself!!) 


Eliz is an easy going person but knows when to push you. And that is all I could have asked for. It’s almost like she knows you can do more than you think you can. 


I have learned so much from her and can not thank her enough for changing my life. If you are looking to better yourself, look no further. Eliz is the one for you!!"


"I came back to the States from Thailand and fell back into bad habits of eating whatever I wanted, going out partying, and I lost all sense of who I was. I felt really down, and really crappy about myself. I was also super sluggish and had no energy. 


I found Eliz on instagram and hit her up because I knew I needed to get my butt back into shape. While working with her, we cleaned up my diet, she helped me with what supplements to take, and I started being able to do exercises I wasn’t able to do before. 


I learned to push myself with things I didn’t think I could before. And not only did I gain knowledge and confidence through this program, but I lost 9% bodyfat, 12lbs of fat, and gained 4lbs of muscle in just a couple weeks."


"Working with Eliz helped me to understand my strength on a whole different level. I am so much more capable - stronger - than I’ve ever realized. 


Now, I have the tools, the confidence, and the strength to fight for my daughters and teach them how to fight for themselves in a world that wants them to conform and fit in. 


I talk to my daughters about how strong I am and how strong they are. I honestly tell them how much I love myself, and how much I love them. And I confidently know they can see it. "


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