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Hey, I'm Eliz

I thrive pushing my body, mind, and business to new levels.

I get jacked up helping others do the same. Are you Game? 

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Here's the deal

You get 110% from me. Always.

I'm an expert at pushing people past their limits, identifying bsH@#$%^t excuses, and getting people results in their health and fitness.

​My mission and obsession are simple: teaching YOU how to make fitness part of your life, without it taking over your life.

Eliz Fulop Ski Junkie



Meal Plans

One-on-One Training

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

If you have not figured it out by now, all those Youtubers are lying to you. You can drop a couple of pounds of water weight in a week if you drink enough H20, sleep, & prioritize veggies, but you will not lose 10lbs in one week.


Ready to do the real work and get results that last? 

Eliz Fulop Personal Trainer
Let's Get to Work

Let's Connect

Looking for a podcast guest, fitness expert, or just want to chat about your goals? Slide into my DM's, Email or submit a contact now form. 

I cannot wait to connect!

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